Mac Jones, Patriots

Mac Jones ‘Is The Future Of New England’ – McCourty

New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones will flourish with some stability in the coaching staff, according to captain Devin McCourty.

With questions over the temperament of Mac Jones, McCourty thinks the chopping and changing was his only impediment. 

In his second year, Mac Jones played under Matt Patricia, Joe Judge and Bill Belichick. The addition of new offensive coordinator Bill O’ Brien should stabilize that part of the organization.

After that, McCourty thinks Mac Jones’ leadership qualities will shine.


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“What I love about Mac is that Mac came into a leadership role as a quarterback and he speaks to what he thinks,” McCourty said.

“I think what people don’t always understand, in our locker room, Bill pushes that. We’re in the captains meeting every week, [and he’ll say] ‘If you don’t like something, tell us and we’ll throw it out.’ Because what’s the point of players going out there and saying, as soon as that call comes in, ‘I know we hate this call but …’ No one wants to be out there with that.

“He’s going to have stability around him,” McCourty added. “You get to work with Josh McDaniels, who I think is one of the best offensive minds in this league, your rookie year. And then you get Matty P [Matt Patricia], with a mixture of Joe Judge, with Coach Belichick — all guys who were new to calling the actual offense. … It’s just so much movement, so much change, and it’s only your second year.”


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“But I think it speaks volumes, he’s a captain in that locker room, in only his second year and really was kind of a captain before as a rookie leading those guys. So, I’m excited for Mac. I think sky is the limit. I think he’s the future of New England. Any doubts I think you’re wrong if you don’t think that. He’s in that building right now doing different things, working with guys, talking to guys, that’s what he wants.

“So, I think Mac has all the intangibles and the things that you want in a quarterback. Hopefully Billy O is there for a while, and I think you’ll see the true growth.”


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