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Malik Cunningham Debut Gives Patriots Options

The Patriots may have lost their fifth game of the season Sunday, but they unlocked another option in Malik Cunningham.

Considering New England ranks 31st in points scored, the team needs as many options as it can get. Rookie quarterback Malik Cunningham made his NFL debut in the 21 – 17 loss to the Raiders and showcased his versatility.

In six snaps, Malik Cunningham lined up wide, in the slot and at quarterback, often sharing the field with Mac Jones.


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Offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien says Cunningham’s versatility allows the Patriots to plan for multiple scenarios.

“You could see him at different spots throughout the offense obviously other than offensive line, he can play a lot of different places,” O’Brien said.

“So, it will be week to week based on the game plan and we’re pretty early in this week so I don’t think we have any idea where that will be this week.

“You put together a package of plays and you try not to overload him, and they’re plays within our system, so these aren’t brand new plays,” O’Brien said. “He’s a very bright guy, he does a good job, he knows the plays and he’s gotten better every week.”


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“We haven’t lost any confidence in Bailey,” O’Brien said, “we felt that was the best way to go about it for the Raider game based on where we were from an injury standpoint, how do we get Malik into the game and that was the best way to get him into the game.”

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