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Manziel VS Hoyer Comes To Prime Time

The battle of which quarterback will helm the Cleveland Browns this season will be coming to prime time television on Monday on ESPN when the Browns take on the Washington Redskins. It is being reported that Johnny Manziel and Brian Hoyer will be splitting play time with the first team on Monday night.

Johnny Manziel did not completely drop the ball in his first outing with the Browns second team offense. He was accurate completing seven of 11 passing attempts for 63 yards. His longest pass was a 10-yard gain.

His cautious play was a bit canceled out, though, by how much he ran the ball. He did break away for one big run, but also lost some yardage due to hanging out in the pocket staring down the field for too long.

It was a good outing for him, but a disappointing one for a guy whose self-proclaimed last name is Football.

He did prove, however, that his name equals ratings. According to NFL.com 2.82 million viewers watched the Browns do battle with the Detroit Lions on Saturday. That makes the most watch preseason game that has aired on the NFL Network.

Bryan Hoyer also performed well, but was less flashy than Manziel, as clearly Manziel has an instinct that Hoyer lacks.

In other words, this quarterback battle is far from over, and now it is going to play out on prime time television. Get ready to count stats and compare the two QBs as it will not be long now before the Browns make an official decision.

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