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Marcedes Lewis ‘Antsy’ Over Next NFL Team

Free agent Marcedes Lewis is on the verge of breaking the record for most NFL seasons by a tight end.

However, finding a team to recruit him for his 18th season is proving to be a slow process. Many teams addressed their tight end needs in the draft with 15 selected, and nine in the first three rounds. 

Marcedes Lewis was picked in the first round by the Jaguars in 2006. After 12 years in Jacksonville, he made the move to Green Bay. Over 17 seasons, the 39-year-old has 5,084 yards receiving, 39 touchdowns and one Pro Bowl nod.


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In spite of his age, Marcedes Lewis has only missed one game due to injury in the last six years. He started every game for the past two seasons for the Packers. 

“I get the business side of it,” Lewis said. 

“My agent is in talks with a handful of teams, but it’s just small talk. I guess teams are trying to figure out their rosters and what they need.

“But if you just look at my film from the last three years, there’s no decline in what I’m able to do. I’m the best blocking tight end out there.

“For older players, there’s two things where they could potentially not get picked up,” Lewis said.

“One is that their play is declining for their role. The second thing is they’re asking for too much money. I’m neither of those. I just want to compete.”


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“When I was playing Pop Warner at 7 or 8 years old, the only thing I could think about was just trying to be the best in my hood,” he said. 

“I did that, learned how to compete in high school and did really well in college — getting inducted into the UCLA Hall of Fame last year was big for me — but now to be potentially going into my 18th year, it means a lot.

“It just shows that hard work does pay off. I’m excited for it. I’m antsy. I want to hurry up and figure out where I’m going to be. But it’s definitely an honor to still be able to do it.”

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