March Madness Futures: Michigan State Overtakes Duke

By Jonathan K.

Earlier in the month Duke was on top of the March Madness Futures, however Michigan State has now overtaken the Blue Devils in the future odds.

It was Duke that was consider the team at the top at the early part of the month but now Michigan State is standing firm on top of the odds.

The Blue Devils did lose some key players to the draft, however bettors and the books pushed the team to the top of the odds. They still sit with the second best odds at 5/1 but Michigan State sit at 9/2 at the top of the odds.

Meanwhile, Michigan State has been quietly building the best team in the NCAA and this is the time for the Big 10 squad to really compete in March Madness.

Arguably the best recruiting team in the NCAA, Kentucky sits behind Arizona with the fourth best odds, while Kansas and North Carolina are tied up to round out the top five.

You can see the full odds below, pulled from BetOnline.

March Madness Futures

Michigan State 9/2
Duke 5/1
Arizona 8/1
Kentucky 10/1
Kansas 12/1
North Carolina 12/1
Wichita State 16/1
Missouri 16/1
Villanova 18/1
Louisville 20/1
Florida 25/1
West Virginia 25/1
Gonzaga 25/1
USC 28/1
Cincinnati 33/1
Notre Dame 33/1
Oregon 33/1
Saint Mary’s 33/1
Alabama 40/1
Michigan 40/1
Purdue 40/1
UCLA 40/1
Indiana 50/1
Miami, Florida 50/1
Virginia 50/1
Arkansas 66/1
Auburn 66/1
Baylor 66/1
Butler 66/1
Oklahoma 66/1
Texas 66/1
Texas A&M 66/1
Xavier 66/1
Creighton 80/1
Florida State 80/1
Minnesota 80/1
Seton Hall 80/1
Nevada 100/1
South Carolina 100/1
SMU 100/1
TCU 100/1
Wisconsin 100/1
Maryland 125/1
Northwestern 125/1
Providence 125/1
Virginia Tech 125/1
Rhode Island 200/1
Memphis 250/1
Dayton 250/1
UCF 250/1
Georgia 250/1
Middle Tennessee 500/1
Ball State 500/1
Oakland 500/1
Harvard 500/1
Georgia Tech 500/1