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March Madness: Mid-West Games to Watch

The Mid-West Division is the toughest division in the NCAA Tournament this year.  Therefore, it is the hardest to predict.  The games from the Mid-West division today are going to attract risky bettors looking more for excitement than to make money. Still, part of the excitement comes from making big money on close games.

Oklahoma State versus Oregon

No game represents the toughness of this division more so than the No.5 seed Oklahoma State taking on the No. 12 seed Oregon.   This game is likely to be a close one.

This is the first tournament for both these teams in quite some time.  The last time we saw the duck in the big one was back in 2008.  The Cowboys haven’t been to the NCAA Tournament since 2010.  Both these teams are not going to want to wast this opportunity, but only one can advance.

Both teams have won games against top tier teams over the season and now they will clash against each other for the right to move deeper into March Madness.

The point spread favors Oklahoma State by -2 points.  The winner of this game will go on to face St. Louis who defeated New Mexico State earlier today.

Louisville Versus North Carolina A&T

Louisville is the No.1 seed in the Mid-West region.  They are not only favored to go to the Final Four but are also the favorites to win the NCAA Championship.  Needless to say the point spread is not giving much ground to North Carolina A&T as the Cardinals are the heavy favorites to win this one.  This leaves little doubt that Louisville is advancing past this game.  I guess the good news for the Aggies is they all ready have one tournament win this year.

The Aggies are the huge underdogs with a +26.5 point spread.  Most are expecting a blow out.  Keep your eyes on this game, however, as anything can happen in March Madness.

Missouri Versus Colorado State

The No. 8 seed Colorado State and No. 9 seed Missouri will collide to finish out today’s mid-west tournament games.

Both these teams have similar flaw and similar strengths that should make this an interesting match up.  Colorado State does have the advantage over Missouri in coaching.  They are whelmed by Larry Eustachy.  This is the fourth team that Eustachy has led into the NCAA Tournament.

Missouri, though, is still favored to win according to the point spread at -2.5.

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