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March Madness: NCAA West Sweet 16 Teams

If any division in the NCAA busted your brackets this year it was likely either the West or the South.  In the south, we have all heard about Florida Gulf Coast’s historic run into the Sweet 16 despite being a number 15 seed.  Along the way they destroyed everyone’s brackets.  In the West, there are a couple of teams that have busted some brackets

Le Salle defeating Kansas State in the first 64 likely began the down fall for many west division brackets.  Now the No.13 seeded Le Salle finds itself in the Sweet 16.  Another huge upset was when the No. 9 Wichita State took out the No. 1 seeded Gonzaga to secure a spot in the Sweet 16.  I had the Zags going all the way in my bracket.  Bummer.

Enough about me, here is an early preview of the two Sweet 16 West division match ups.

Wichita State versus Le Salle (Thursday, March 28)


It is not often that a No.9 seed is the favorite in a Sweet 16 game, but that will be the case when No.9 Wichita State takes on the No.13 Le Salle.  The fact that both these teams are even in the Sweet 16 is a testimony of just how shook up the West division brackets are.

Both these teams have been relying on the long ball to make big impacts in this tournament.  The Exploers Ramon Galloway has been on fire from behind the arc.  He went 6 for 10 from the three-point line against Ole Miss and has been putting up similar performances all tournament long.

Wichita State is not know for their long ball, but it was their shooting from downtown that helped them upset the ‘Zags.  Of the seven shot streak they went on to defeat Gonzaga, five of those shots were three-pointers.

In other words, this game could turn into a three-point shoot out.

Arizona versus Ohio State (Thursday, March 28)

At least one of the Sweet 16 games in the West makes sense as the No. 6 seeded Arizona will take on the No.2 seed Ohio State.  Arizona is fresh off of killing the Cinderella story that was Harvard.  Now they face a huge challenge in the blistering Buckeyes defense.  The Buckeyes big D’ game is not the only thing Arizona has to worry about.  Ohio State has been playing awesome offensive basketball in this tournament as well.  They have had three player in double figures in each of their three tournament games.

Arizona is not a slouch in the offense department either, however.  Arizona has made 56 of its 100 shots taking during the tournament that includes sinking 18 three-pointers over the course of two games.

This is going to be an intense NCAA Tournament game.  Ohio State will likely be the slight favorite when the betting lines are released for this game later in the week.  I would not put too much on that, though, considering the amount of upsets we have seen this year.

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