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Marshawn Lynch Plans To Hold Out Of Training Camp

Getty Images via Zimbio

Getty Images via Zimbio

During a segment on NFL Network’s Inside Training Camp former Seattle Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson revealed that running back Marshawn Lynch plans to hold out of training camp this summer. Given how notoriously dismissive of the media he is, it’s surprisingly fitting that Lynch would reveal the new via a third party.

Said Robinson, “Marshawn Lynch just called me. We just talked. He will be holding out from training camp this year with the Seahawks.”

Lynch is signed through the 2015 season and is scheduled to make a base salary of $10.5 million total over the next two years with an additional $2.5 million available to him via per game roster bonuses. Obviously he’s looking for more money and using the only leverage he has with the Super Bowl champs.

And apparently he’s pretty serious. In June Lynch’s former teammate Jordan Babineaux said that he is even considering retirement if the team won’t budge on salary.

Said Babineaux, “The bottom line is, it is about the money. When a guy starts producing the way Marshawn has been producing, he wants to be paid. I don’t want to rule out the fact that there could still be a possibility, because of Marshawn’s personality, that retirement could just be something that he’s OK settling for.”

Although that’s a different story than that of Robinson, who said, “I don’t know if there has been any talking back and forth but what I do know is Marshawn is a guy who is not all about money. If it was about money he could have done interviews after games and made a lot of money with Skittles if it was all about money.”

Robinson added, “I think with Marshawn, he just wants to make sure he’s set up so that his foundation can take off when his career is over.”

Well, hopefully Lynch knows what he’s doing here. And hopefully he’s legitimately okay with retirement because, according to NFL.com, the Seahawks have absolutely no plan to give an aging running back, who is officially becoming more trouble than he’s worth, more money.

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