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Matt LaFleur Says It’s A Matter Of More Reps For Romeo Doubs

Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur says second-year wide receiver Romeo Doubs can replicate Davante Adams if he progresses.

Matt LaFleur has a seismic institutional change to navigate with the impending departure of quarterback Aaron Rodgers. However, as well-prepared as he may be, Jordan Love currently faces the same issue as Rodgers: lack of experienced WRs.

None of the five WRs currently on Green Bay’s roster have played more than 14 NFL games. Matt LaFleur says Doubs, whose promising start to his rookie season was cut down by injury, needs more reps. 


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“I don’t know if Doubs] ever got back to what we had seen early in the year, but I expect to see that when he comes back,” LaFleur said. 

“I want to temper this comparison here, but he’s got some [Davante Adams-type movement skills in him. Now he’s got to learn when to use and how to harness that. I don’t think there’s a route he won’t be able to run. We just have to give him enough reps where he can continue his progression.”

“We’re going to have to add some bodies to that room,” LaFleur added. 

“What do we got, like five guys on the roster right now?” With Green Bay remaining quiet as the free-agent WR market was picked over, we can project who they may recruit. 

At this point Landry, Anderson, Pringle, Harry and Hilton are the most attractive options left on the market. 


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“Well, I think some veteran leadership would be nice,” LaFleur said. “Although I think guys like Allen (Lazard) and Randall (Cobb) did such a great job last year kind of taking those guys under their wing and showing them the ropes and the expectations and the practice habits that you need to have to go out there and play at a high level.

“But there’s going to be a lot of growth with those two guys, certainly Romeo and Christian. And then you’ve got Samori Toure and we’ve got a small glimpse of Bo Melton last year.”

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