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Maxx Crosby: I Work Too Hard To Not Play Big Games

Las Vegas Raiders defensive end Maxx Crosby has mixed feelings over the departure of quarterback and friend Derek Carr.

It’s now almost inevitable that Derek Carr will play the 2023 season for another team. The Raiders need to find a trade partner quickly, because the February 15 deadline triggers $40 million in guaranteed money.

Carr is on the record saying he wants to join a team who can compete for the Super Bowl. That’s exactly what Maxx Crosby wants for the Raiders, no matter who the next quarterback is.


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“Honestly, it’s just bittersweet. He’s always been a great friend of mine ever since I got in the league,” Maxx Crosby said. 

“I got a ton of love for him. But right now, for both sides — for the organization, for D.C. — everybody’s going in different directions. That’s the tough part of this business. There’s a lot of emotions to it when you got friends, and real family friends, things like that, going other places. But D.C.’s going to be just fine. He’s going to do well wherever he goes. And we’re going to continue growing as a team, as well. So, we’re fired up for the future.”


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“It’s gonna be interesting,” he said. “I really don’t know what’s going to happen. I trust in the front office and all those guys. For me, I just want to be on a team that’s competing for championships. I put too much work into it not to show up and play in the biggest games. 

“That’s all I want to do. I know that’s what the other guys want, as well. We just need to get more guys that are on the same page, that have the same mindset, that want to be great. If we get guys like that in the building, we’re gonna be just fine.”

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