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Maxx Crosby Wants To Be A One Club Man

Las Vegas Raiders defensive end Maxx Crosby says a Super Bowl triumph would be all the more sweet for him.

That’s because if he wins a Super Bowl, he’ll win it for the team he loves. Maxx Crosby has always been vocal about wanting to be a ‘Raider for life’.

He reiterated that desire again last week when he said staying with the same team is a more fulfilling career. So far, however, Maxx Crosby has only been fulfilled to the tune of one playoff game since 2019.


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“The guys who inspire me are the Kobes (Bryant) and the (Michael) Jordans; the guys that stayed at the same place and won in the same place,” Crosby said. “No offense to the guys like LeBron and those dudes — I won’t give them some heat, but they took the easier road traveled and that’s not the way I look at it.”


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“Going through the ups and downs and the hardships is going to make it that much sweeter when I do win a Super Bowl. So, I plan on being here for a very long time and I plan on winning here. You know when I signed that contract, I didn’t have any type of, you know, thought of leaving or idea of leaving. I feel like I’m going to be a Raider for life.”

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