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Mets should give Mr Met a raise

On Wednesday night, the New York Mets fell to the Milwaukee Brewers, 7-1. The Mets, who dropped to a lousy 23-28 on the season, have been dissing their fans all season with an array of atrocious baseball.

However, we might have reached a hilarious tipping point. With the team about to lose once more, the mascot, Mr. Met, was caught giving the middle finger to a fan at Citi Field. Of course the moment was caught on camera, shared to social media, and, well…

After the game, New York quickly scrambled to write up a formal apology in a statement. It was everything you would expect from a franchise that just watched its mascot give the bird to a nation. Per ESPN:

“We apologize for the inappropriate action of this employee,” the Mets later said in a statement posted to their Twitter account. “We do not condone this type of behavior. We are dealing with this matter internally.”

Yes, the Mets have to get out in front of this because if they don’t, the organization looks more clueless than ever. Still, they should internally be figuring out how to give the person in costume a hefty raise.

All year long, fans in Gotham have been opining about the inept play of the team. There has been talk about the job security involving manager Terry Collins. There has been ample talk about Matt Harvey and what he does off the field, and why he can’t do anything right on the field. There has been talk about whether David Wright should retire, if Steven Matz will ever be healthy, why Yoenis Cespedes can’t find two working hamstrings and why Noah Syndergaard just didn’t have the damn MRI.

All of that has now been swept under the third-place rug, because the Mets have a brewing controversy on their hands involving a mascot who loves to give fans the middle finger.

Does it have any place in the ballpark? Well, let’s investigate. If this is being done towards a kid, absolutely not. If Mr. Met decided to get up on top of the dugout and give the finger toward the team? Hell yes it has a spot in the ballpark! Give that man a standing ovation.

For years, the only thing making the New York Knicks a watchable product has been the commentary of Walt Frazier, the MSG color analyst. Frazier, a Hall of Famer and Knicks legend, rips into the team constantly for their crap play.

The same has been going on with Keith Hernandez in the SNY booth. Why not let Mr. Met show his anger toward the team? Maybe on Thursday, he can throw a pie at Collins during the game, or shoot up white flags instead of t-shirts.

At least the Mets would be interesting again.

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