Miami makes biggest AFC East impact with bookmakers

The Miami Dolphins have seen their stock rise with the oddsmakers more than any other team in the AFC East this season.

As we approach the halfway mark of the season, let us reflect back on how the AFC East has played out so far this year and how it might finish.

Miami Dolphins (4-3)

Ryan Tannehill and the Miami Dolphins have shrugged off a chilly preseason reception and gone on to impress during the first half of the season.

Preseason Super Bowl Odds: 75/1 Current Super Bowl Odds: 66/1

The Dolphins were expected to finish dead last in the AFC East this season but a good string of results have the South Florida side looking like a potential postseason team this year. There’s still time for Miami to collapse, but when you consider that this team could realistically be 6-1 at this moment, it’s hard not to applaud the improvement.

The Dolphins are also the only team in the division that currently has shorter odds to win the Super Bowl than when we kicked off the season. In fact, Miami’s odds have shortened on winning the big game as well as the conference (25/1) and the division (4/1).

With two games still to play against New England, it’ll be tough for the Dolphins to stay the course, but then again, the way this season has played out, it isn’t beyond the realms of plausibility to imagine the team knocking off the Patriots in one of those games.

This Week: at Indianapolis (4-3)

The Dolphins are marginal favorites as they travel to Indianapolis this weekend in a match-up being marketed under the Rookie Vs. Rookie banner. Ryan Tannehill, a little bruised after last week’s injury, will take on number one pick, Andrew Luck, as the Fins look to improve to an unlikely 5-3, putting them at the top of the division with New England.

Point Spread: Miami (-1) Over/Under: 43


New England Patriots (5-3)

Preseason Super Bowl Odds: 11/2 Current Super Bowl Odds: 11/2

The Patriots were favorites to take the AFC preseason (11/4) and the Super Bowl (11/2), but losses to Arizona, Baltimore, and Seattle have taken some of the shine off. That and the play of the Houston Texans.

The Patriots enter Week 9, or rather let Week 9 pass them by, with the same odds of winning the Super Bowl as when the season opened. Odds of taking the conference (9/4) and AFC East (1/5) have both shortened.

This Week: Bye

After crossing the Atlantic and putting a hurting on the St. Louis Rams in London last weekend, Tom Brady and Co. will be resting up this weekend, getting ready for the visit of the Buffalo Bills in Week 10.


Buffalo Bills (3-4)

Mario Williams' arrival in Buffalo had plenty of people talking about the Bills preseason, but the side has failed so far to show much improvement over last year.

Preseason Super Bowl Odds: 55/1 Current Super Bowl Odds: 250/1

All the talk preseason was of an improved Buffalo side that perhaps had a shot of contending for the postseason. The Bills team that has come out to play resembles the same team that took to the field last season. And that is not a good thing.

To be fair, Buffalo has improved on the road. Last year’s woeful one road win season has been eclipsed with a 2-2 record so far this season. It’s a shame the team is struggling at home now instead. Another 6-10 finish is a real possibility, and some would say an optimistic figure. Odds of the Upstate New York side winning the Super Bowl have as gone into the stratosphere.

This Week: at Houston (6-1)

Losers of three of the last four, Buffalo will travel to Reliant Stadium in Houston this weekend in the hope that it can salvage an unlikely win from a showdown with the red-hot Texans. Those looking for even the tiniest shred of hope should remember that the Bills are 3-2 all-time against Houston. That’s all we got for you.

Point Spread:  Houston (-10½) Over/Under: 48


New York Jets (3-5)

Preseason Super Bowl Odds: 40/1 Current Super Bowl Odds: 150/1

Like the Bills, much more was expected of the Jets this season, and like the Bills, the green side of New York has failed to live up to any kind of expectations, as signified by plunging Super Bowl odds.

In fact, the Jets – who were considered the best threat to the Patriots this year – are now considered least likely (20/1) to take the division crown, despite being considered a better bet (relatively speaking) than the Bills in terms of the AFC and the Super Bowl.

This Week: Bye

The Jets lost a huge game to the Miami Dolphins last weekend, giving the side from East Rutherford, N.J., a 2-2 divisional record with two to play. Things are not looking promising for Rex Ryan’s side. A bye week gives the Mark Sanchez-Tim Tebow merry-go-round some extra time to flourish, before the side heads out to Seattle next week.

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