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Micah Parsons: I’m Gonna Beat The Hell Out Of Them

Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons says flared tempers in training camp will serve the team well in the season ahead.

Fights between Cowboys teammates broke out during their last day of training camp in Oxnard, Southern California.

Micah Parsons says he needed to feel that competitiveness in the absence of any joint practices this year. Meanwhile, safety Jayron Kearse said their opponents this season can expect that kind of intensity.


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“Hell yeah, I need that,” Micah Parsons said. 

“I’m here to make them better. I push myself to the greater good and me pushing myself is only gonna make them better, at the end of the day, I don’t care who I’m up against. I don’t care if it’s Tyron (Smith), if it’s Zack (Martin), if it’s Tyler Smith — I’m gonna beat the hell out of them.

“It’s only gonna make them better. … This is where championships get started — right here in camp. The goal is to bring that out, and the camaraderie, to bring it all together. It’s only one goal at the end of the day.”

“We ain’t taking no s— from nobody — all 32 teams — we ain’t taking s— from nobody,” said Jayron Kearse. 

“Whether it’s our offense or the next offense. We’re trying to show we’re the best in the business, so it gets spicy out here, it’s gonna get spicy on Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays; whenever we line up, that’s how we’re gonna come.”


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“It’s our last day out in Oxnard, and maybe that’s what it was,” Kearse said. “… Either way, it’s all good competition and, come September 10, it’s gonna be another team on the opposite side of both [our] offense and the defense, and they’re gonna have to take what we’re bringing to them.”

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