Micah Parsons, Cowboys

Micah Parsons ‘Ready To Show What I Can Do’ As Pass Rusher

Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons is bulking up ahead of a new season in which he’ll align at the edge.

It’s a formalization of what Micah Parsons was already doing last year. In 2022, he lined up at the edge on 78.2% of snaps. To be a full-time pass rusher, he needs to be ready for the physical battle.

Micah Parsons is listed as 245 pounds and says he is now at 251. The 23-year-old says the position change will allow him to specify his preparation as well as avoid injury. 


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“I’m trying to bulk up and just focus on me and my development, carrying that load,” he said.

“It’s hard battling 300-pound guys at 245 pounds every week,” Parsons added. 

“So, I’m just trying to put (on) five pounds of muscle. Just eating right and just living right.”


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“It just allows me to study. Instead of studying everything, I can just study that one guy I just need to beat on Sunday, studying how to win faster,” Parsons said. “Before I was focused on a lot, focused on running backs and focused on receivers and focused on concepts. Now I can just focus on running [to the quarterback] and stopping the run. I’m ready to show what I can do.”

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