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Michael Jordan Says In His Prime He Would’ve Beat LeBron James 1-On-1

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At this point in time, it is hard to argue that superstar LeBron James isn’t the best player in the NBA. LeBron may have only won two NBA titles in six trips to the NBA Finals, but few would dispute the fact he is without a doubt the best of the best right now.

Not only has LeBron received a lot of praise for being the league’s best player over the past few years, but many have have started to speculate on whether he’s the best to ever play the game or may own that distinction when he decides to retire.

With LeBron in the discussion for the league’s greatest player of all time, six-time NBA champion Michael Jordan was bound to get in the conversation in one way or another. Jordan recently fielded questions at his the Michael Jordan Flight School over the weekend with one of the questions being whether he’d be able to beat LeBron one-on-one. Jordan didn’t hesitate by answering with the following, via Dan Kedmey of TIME:

“This is the ESPN question,” Jordan said during a Q&A session marking at the 20th annual Michael Jordan Flight School in Santa Barbara, California, Sports Illustrated reports. “If I was in my prime, could I beat Lebron in a one-on-one game? No question,” before adding, “And he’s going to say no question.”

Obviously, there’s no way to ever know who’d come out on top in a showdown between these two NBA greats. Also, it comes as no surprise that Jordan would say he’d beat James. It’s easy to make that statement with no way to determined the outcome.

With Jordan’s statement making a lot of headlines, it will be only a matter of time before LeBron is asked the same question. James will probably answer the question exactly the same way.

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