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Mike Leach Says Teams Should Have a Say in Football’s Air Pressure

Any football fan in the U.S. knows that the NFL upheld its original ruling of a four-game suspension for New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady to start the 2015 regular season.

However, Mike Leach the head coach of the Washington State Cougars said he has a solution to the Deflategate controversy. He believes each team should be given deflated footballs and allows them to fill the ball with the amount of air they want.

Roger Goodell the NFL commissioner upheld the suspension on Tuesday. The Pats have been accused of deflating footballs. Goodell made a ruling that Brady was aware of the practice as well as supported it.

Robert Kraft the Patriots owner lashed out at the NFL for the decision made by Goodell of upholding the Brady suspension. He apologized to his fans for accepting the harshest penalties in NFL history for alleged ball violations.

New England received a $1 million fine and lost two of its draft picks as part of the punishment handed down.

Leach, whose college football teams have produced prolific passing stats over several seasons, as his passing attack throw a large percentage of the time and are high scoring to go along with raking up huge yardage.

He said the NFL was making a big deal out of how the league’s footballs are inflated

He said the air pressure of a football really does not affect the outcome of any game. He suggests giving each team the footballs prior to the game and allows them to fill them to whatever level of air they want.

He added that if your quarterback desires to play with a deflated football, what would happen to the field goal kicker, as he likely would prefer it to be as full of air as possible.

Leach says the football is regulation size and teams should have a say in how many pounds of air pressure it has if they are the only ones using it, as their opponent will have their own balls to use.

Leach added that the NFL and its fan base should focus more energy as well as attention on issues of more importance.

Leach called it somewhat disturbing. With everything going on, we get worried about the amount of air that is pumped into a football, when each team uses its own ball. It is not like the Patriots used an unapproved football.

He added that the league is wasting too much time on the issue while the public worries about the Kardashians. How is it that the U.S. can laugh at the obsession England has with its royal family, since they at least hold college degrees and have entered the military.

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