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MLB American League Wild Card Update

MLB American League Wild Card Update

It is that time of the year where all anyone is talking about in terms of baseball are those four coveted wild cat spots.  Over in the American League division the race is a very close one.

The Boston Red Sox, Detroit Tigers and Texas Rangers currently have a grasp on the top three spots in the AL.  However, no team is ahead of another by more than two games.  With the Oakland Athletics only one game away from knocking the Rangers out of a secured playoff spot and into the Wild Card race.

If current trends continue, then we can assume that the Tigers, Red Sox, Rangers and the A’s are going to the playoffs.  That leaves a very close race between the New York Yankees, Baltimore Orioles, Cleveland Indians and Kansas City Royals all vying for the Wild Card spot currently held by Tampa Bay Rays.

It was the Yankees who gained the most ground as of late and perhaps have a lot of momentum as this race continues.  They moved closer to the Rays with a recent win over the Chicago White Sox.  The Sox were able to hold New York to one run while scoring four runs through seven innings.  Then, in the 8th inning, the Yanks turned in a whopping five runs to end the game 6-4, leaving the White Sox stunned.

MLB American League Wild Card Update

It was a huge comeback for the Yankees and could be symbolic of a comeback they are mounting after they have been in second to last past in the AL East for most of the second-half of baseball.

The Yankees have a lot to be excited about as all the other teams in the AL Wild Card race have been losing games.  Over the last ten games, none of the other teams in contention for a Wild Card spot have a winning record. The current Wild Card place holders, the Rays, have a 2-8 record, though, they may be turning their luck around considering their latest win against the LA Angels.

This last month of baseball is going to really matter for all the AL teams in contention for a Wild Card spot.  According to Bovada, it is the Rays and Yanks with the best chance of going to the playoffs out of the lot racing for the final Wild Card Spot.  Both teams are at 6/1 odds.

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