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MLB National League: Games To Watch and Bet On

The National League is offering up some great games to watch on this lazy Sunday.  From division rivalries to  teams that need every team they can get as the division races really begin to heat up, today offers up a couple of games that should be on every bettors and MLB enthusiasts radar.

Washington Nationals @ Atlanta Braves

The Washington Nationals find themselves 5.5 games behind their division rivals and leaders the Atlanta Braves.  The Nationals find themselves in a position to gain some ground on the Braves against the Braves themselves, which would both provide a practical benefit by bringing them 4.5 games away from being on the top of their division and a symbolic benefit by taking this three game series, which is currently split 1-1, from the number one Braves.

Thus far the series has shown fans some overall great baseball.  Both teams have brought their A-game as pitching staffs have on both sides have only allowed a combined 8 runs over the course of two game.  Expect nothing different in this game as both these teams was this win as the Nationals try and gain some ground on the Brave and the Brave attempt to put the Nationals back in their place.

The Braves are favored to win this game at my favorite betting site Bovada with a money line of -200.  The Nationals money is line is set at +180.  Make sure to check out the odds at other sites as well before placing your bet.

San Francisco Giants @ St. Louis Cardinals

The St. Louis Cardinals are continue to prove that they are the team to beat.  Not just in the National League but in the entire MLB.  They have the best win-loss record in the MLB and defeated the defending World Series Champions in both games of a double header on Saturday.  Now they will be going for a sweep of the series.

The San Francisco Giants are finding out just how hard it is to two-pete.  Fans and the staff of the Giants are likely now regretting not making any big moves in the offseason and instead going for a “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality.  The Giants are tied for second place in the division and after suffering back to back losses to the Cardinals, they simply want to avoid a sweep.  The Giants are 3-7 on their last ten games and a win over the team with the best win-loss record in the MLB would do a lot to get them back on the right track.

The Cardinals are favored over at Bovada with a money line at -167.  The Giant money line is currently set at +152.

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