MLB Update

The MLB season is days away from coming to an end.  Every day the standings are exciting and every single game matters.

Both the Baltimore Orioles and the New York Yankees have clinched playoff spots after wining each of their respective games on Sunday.  It is the Orioles first playoff berth since 1997.

They join the Texas Rangers, Washington Nationals and Atlanta Braves among the teams who have secured spots in the postseason.

Despite the Orioles playoff security, They would like to end their season at the top of their division.  They are currently tied with the Yankees for the top spot of the AL East.

That makes the next games for each of these teams incredibly important.  The Yankees will head into a game with the Boston Red Sox, while the Orioles will face off against the Tampa Bay Rays.

According to, The Yankees moneyline is -120 against the Red Sox.  The Red Sox are the underdogs with a money line at 215.  The over/under is at 9.5. also has the Orioles set as the underdogs in their game against the Rays.  The Orioles money line is at +122 to the Rays -132.

"Miggy" is perhaps the MLB player of the year.

The exciting race over in the AL Central is also beginning to draw to a close.  After the Detroit Tigers got another win, their second in a row, while the White Sox lost another game, their second in a row.

The White Sox are now three games behind the Tigers.  The stars will truly have to align in order for them to have chance at a post season.

The moneyline has the Tigers set as the favorites in their next game at -125, according to  They will be playing the Kansas City Royals who are the underdogs with a moneyline at +120.

The Royals, though have been known to play spoiler all season.  If they can hand the Tigers a loss and the White Sox can win their game, it will align at least one star in the favor of the White Sox.

The White Sox will be playing the Cleavland Indians.  The White Sox find themselves playing as the favorites with a money line at -122.  The Indians moneyline is at +112.

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