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Edwin Jackson Ties Record by Playing With 13th MLB Team

Edwin Jackson believes as long as MLB clubs want him to pitch, he will enjoy playing the sport. On Monday, Edwin Jackson tied a Major League Baseball record by playing for his 13th MLB club. In his debut with the Oakland Athletics, Jackson gave up one run over six innings. The A’s went on to secure a 5-4 victory against the Detroit Tigers

Jackson tied the mark for playing with the most teams that Octavio Dotel a former reliever set. Jackson noted following the game that it was nice to be wanted. Adding, that when he can’t find a team that wants him to pitch, then he’ll know his time is up. However, until then, he likes going out on the mound, the competition and having fun.


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Jackson left after six innings with the scored tied 1-1. However, in the seventh the Tigers added three runs on a Nicholas Castellanos three-run home run. In the eighth, Oakland tied the score to set up Jed Lowrie’s tiebreaking home run in the top half of the ninth for Oakland that was the difference in Oakland’s win.

Jackson, who is 34, gave up six hits while striking out seven and did not issue a walk. His last start was September 28 of last year when he pitched for the Washington Nationals.

His strong debut with Oakland is not unusual. In his 13 debuts with different teams, Jackson’s ERA is a combined 2.93. However, his ERA for all other appearances is 4.73.


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Oakland manager Bob Melvin said it was difficult for most other players to join a new team during the middle of the season as nerves can be involved. However, Melvin added that you worry about that the least when Jackson is involved since he has joined so many new clubs during his career at different times during the season.

Jackson debuted in the major leagues in 2003 with the Los Angeles Dodgers. He has since pitched for the Rays, Diamondbacks, Tigers, White Sox, Nationals, Cardinals, Cubs, Braves, Padres, Orioles, Marlins, and now the A’s.

Oakland catcher Jonathan Lucroy said he is familiar with Jackson since he hit against him several times during his career and says Jackson eats up innings, throws strikes and knows what he is doing while on the mound.

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