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This Week in Fail – Feb. 9

Failure is an option in sports.  That was evident this week with all the news and happenings coming out of the sports world.  Let’s not waste your time with a lengthy introduction and get right into it shall we?

Super Bowl Black Out

The night that the power went out during the Super Bowl was interesting.  The CBS announce team did there best to fill the gap.  We did not even have the entertaining and not so entertaining Super Bowl commercials to amuse us during this national bathroom break.  Most us spent this time drinking and eating way too much to fill in the boredom and can now only vaguely recall the San Francisco 49ers comeback due to the food/beer comma.

In all seriousness the power outage was a bit of an embarrassment to the NFL, New Orleans and the USA in general.  Could you imagine if the power went out in China during the Olympics?  Oh the jokes we would tell.  That is most likely what the rest of the world is doing to us right now.  Bummer.

More MLB Performance Enhancing

This story maybe flying under the radar considering when someone says “baseball” and “performance enhancing” in the same sentence it is like the two things go hand in hand.  You know, how like “Q” is always followed by “U.”

Curt Schilling was on ESPN Radio  where he said that he was “encouraged” by his former Red Sox teammates in 2008 to take performance enhancers to extend his career.

I hate the term “performance enhancing.” I seems like a such a politically correct way of saying “doing drugs to be better at sports.”

Los Angeles Lakers

We end up having to talk about the Lakers a lot in this blog.  Just when they seem to be picking up some steam they drop off again.  The team now seems unhealthy as Pau Gasol is out with a foot injury and Dwight Howard’s shoulder keeps him in and out of games.  They are on the outside of the playoffs and may end up staying there if things do


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