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MNF Fallout: Cowboys Vs. Washington

It was a good game between the Dallas Cowboys and Washington last night. Both teams put up a fight. We knew Washington would have their backups in but in an unexpected turn of events the Cowboys also had to rely on their backup, Brandon Weeden, for a couple drives. In the end it was Washington who walked away the winner in overtime, 20-17.

Colt McCoy is used to leading teams to victories in Texas with his time with the Longhorns and he stepped up and did it in Dallas last night. McCoy showed off his footwork as well as his arm, though the majority of his passes were short throws and screen plays.

Washington’s defense also get a lot of credit for the win. Their unrelenting blitzes threw the Cowboys offense for a loop and kept them scrambling all game.

Washington is not likely going to make a playoff run but winning games against high profile teams is at least giving them hope.

Romo also wend down at point in the game and was in the back for a couple drives. Weeden led the Cowboys to scoring drives but Romo talked his way back into the game and tried to lead his team to victory to close the fourth and into overtime.

The game was essentially a nightmare situation for the Cowboys. Every one of the criticisms hurled at the team were confirmed as the offensive line struggled against the blitz, Romo failed to get the job done in the clutch and the defense could not stop Washington.

It is clear that Romo is still not himself and is still not 100 percent, regardless of what he may be telling himself.

Dallas still has a winning record and that winning record is one of the best in the NFL. Winning more games is what will again hush the critics and that is what Dallas will need to do to recover next week.

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