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MNF Fallout: Eagles Breeze Past Panthers

Week 10 is under our belts with the conclusion of Monday Night Foot, and while it was an entertaining game, it will not do much to change the betting odds for either team in the long haul.

The Carolina Panther were blown out by the Philadelphia Eagles who are poised to make a run at the postseason, beyond the normal MNF fallout, not much of a hullabaloo is being made over this unique Eagles team. They have a fast paced offense and their defense has been the cornerstone of their success, yet not many are rushing to put money on the Eagles future odds.

Mark Sanchez had an impressive night, leading his team to putting 45 points on the board. However, they were playing a Panthers squad that’s defense is ranked 25th over at NFL.Com and likely has the worst secondary and o-line in the league.

The Eagles also have had a pretty favorable schedule. They have been able to edge out teams like the 4-5 Houston Texans all seasons but failed to get the job done against more impressive teams like the San Francisco 49ers and Arizona Cardinals. The Eagles lone victory against a contending team came against the Indianapolis Colts by three points early in the season.

So the Eagles sit with 12/1 odds to win the Super Bowl well behind teams like the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots, despite their decisive MNF win and similar win-loss record.

Meanwhile, things are falling a part for the once promising Carolina Panthers. Just one year removed from being a No.2 playoff seed, the Panthers are now nearing a point of no return as far as contending goes. The books have already giving up on them as they have 250/1 odds of winning the Super Bowl.

That is not to say that the Panthers have lost all potential but as long as Cam Newton is left unprotected, losing is something that Carolina is going to do quite a bit for the rest of the season.

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