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MNF Fallout: Texans Vs. Steelers

Monday Night Football closed out Week 7 with a match between two teams struggling to find an identity in the Houston Texans and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

For the Texans, all their weaknesses were on display. It is clear that Ryan Fitzpatrick is simply not a franchise quarterback, and while they have J.J. Watt batting down passes and putting pressure on quarterbacks, if he cannot get the job done then team’s can pass all over the Texans’ secondary.

With their QB problems, it is clear that the Texans are not going to win in a shootout, but one would think they would at least have some sort of a run game, but they do not.

Regardless, it was not an easy win for the Steelers. The Texans continue to show they have a lot of fight and with another season or two under its belt, this team could be a contender under this coaching staff.

Meanwhile, the Steelers picked up the victory by deviating from their normal playbook. The play to end the first half is of course what I am referencing. For a moment many probably they thought they were watching a college game.

The Steelers picked up an Adrian Foster fumble just before halftime and had excellent field position. That is when they ran a reverse pass play with Antonio Brown throwing it into the end zone for a three-yard touchdown. The play gave the Steelers their first lead of the game and arguable turned the tide in their favor for the rest of contest.

Regardless of the flashy play, the Steelers are still one of the most inconsistent teams in the NFL and still seem to be struggling to figure things out.

With the win, the Steelers are now 4-3 and a potential playoff run is not out of the question for this squad. The question is can they find out who they are as a team before they blow it.

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