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MNF: The Steelers Suffer Huge Loss to Bengals


The final score in the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cincinnati Bengals game may have been 10-20, but it felt so much worse than that on the Pittsburgh side of the ball.

The reason it felt worse is because their was enough blame for the losing effort to go around on the Steelers, though mostly on offense.  The Steelers defense were able to contain the Bengals to 20 points which was a winnable game had the offense done its job, which it did not.  The Steelers offense had only three third down conversions and it was their eighth game going back to last season with less than 100 rushing yards.

On top of that, the Steelers had two good drives ended due to turnovers.  The first came on a fumble by tight end David Paulson who may not be starting against the Chicago Bears come Sunday after the huge mistake.  However, a man who will undoubtedly be starting, Ben Roethlisberger, threw an interception that took any chance at winning away from Pittsburgh.

The problem with the Steelers is simple.  We have seen it in their last two games.  They cannot move the ball.


Their run game is nonexsistent, which is a problem they had last year, but likely thought they remedy when they drafted Le’Veon Bell.  Bell is out with injury for a few weeks still and his backup, LaRod Stephens-Howling, is also out with an ACL tear.  This has left Isaac Redman and Felix Jones to carry the ball, a job they have not handled well.

In the two weeks of football played thus far Redman has 12 yards on 10 carries.  Jones is performing slightly better.  In the last game he saw more touches after Redman was shaken up on a kickoff return, and he ran for 37 yards in the game.  However, the stats show that the Steelers run game is virtually nonexistent.

This leaves it up to Roethlisberger and his receivers to get the job done.  Roethlisberger is a tried and proven franchise QB, however you are only as good as your receivers as it is sometimes said.  Heath Miller, tight end, continues to nurse a knee injury from last December, and the Steelers allowed a favorite target of Roethlisberger to walk during the offseason in Mike Wallace.


Some of the blame can be placed on the offensive line who allowed their franchise QB to be sacked twice and hit six more times.  However, it is easy to put pressure on a passer when you know the opposing team’s only option, considering they have no run game to speak of, is to pass.  So when a team is sending extra guys into the backfield every play as opposed to having to defend a run, there is not a whole lot an O-line can do.

The Steelers are in need of some playmakers.  They await some potential playmakers to return from injury but by the time that happens their season may be unsalvageable.  Someone needs to step up now for Pittsburgh, before it is too late.

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