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MWC: Fresno State Favorites to Bust BCS

It was a wild game last week, but Fresno State managed to finally, after seven long years, go over rival Boise State, 40-41.  The game is not just the start to a major shakeup in the MWC division, but it also has national bowl game consequences.

Fresno State not only rose to 3-o with their win over Boise State but they also put themselves in a position to be the last team in the NCAA that could be a BCS buster.  Their win already has put them on the national scene as they are ranked 25 in the AP Poll.  If all goes as the odds say from her eon out, Fresno State has a clear and relatively obstacle free path to showing up on the National bowl scene despite being a mid-major football team.

Their game last week in Colorado was cancelled, and there seems to be some trouble rescheduling it and may be a lost week.  That Carrmeans that their win last week against Boise State was  the last major obstacle in their path.

The only remaining thing that could damper Fresno State is their ability to play on the road.  They have yet to play away from home this season.  However, the teams left on their schedule are not exactly formidable opponents.

Wyoming,with it solid offense, could be a potential away game threat, as could San Jose State, but it should not be anything that the Bulldogs cannot handle.

This puts the Bulldogs on track to finish the season undefeated.  If they do they will likely not be left out of the BCS picture.  The rules regarding non-BCS conferences are the highest rated non-AQ conference champs automatically qualify for a spot if it is a top 12 team or if it is a top 16 team and ranked ahead of on of the AQ conference qualifiers.

Despite the easy schedule, with every win, I cannot imagine a situation where Fresno State will not continually rise in the ranking especially while other BCS teams begin to rack up a loss here and there.

The only other potential snag in the Bulldogs path to busting the BCS is a potential rematch with Boise State or the very good Utah State.  Fresno State are the favorites to win the MWC West division.  Meanwhile, Boise State, even with their loss, are the favorites to win the East division with Utah State not far behind them in the odds.  This means Fresno State will likely have to have rematch with Boise State or take on Utah State for the MWC Championship.  Fresno State will have to pull off another big victory against their rivals in order to remain a BCS buster.

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