NBA: Chicago Bulls Are Better Than We Think

We should all be talking about the Chicago Bulls, or, at the very least, preparing ourselves for this team to be on the tips of our tongues in the near future.

At the moment there are roughly four teams that we sports analyst love to talk about.   The first being the LA Lakers.  The Lakers get are getting a lot of attention, because of how shockingly disastrous this team has been this season despite having three of the best players to ever play the game (Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard)  on their roster.

The other three teams are the Oklahoma City Thunder, New York Knicks and the Miami Heat.  We discuss these three team because they are truly good teams.  The only time we talk about the Bulls, however, is when they beat one of these other teams, which this month, has been quite often.

The Bulls have had a very good month.  The Bulls are 7-3 on their last ten games.  Meanwhile, the Knicks stock continues to plummet as they are 4-6 on their last ten and the Heat are 6-4 on their last ten.

Chicago has had a rough schedule this month, but they have over came it.  They have beaten the Heat, Knicks, Boston Celtics and the Lakers in the month of Januaray.  Their only losses this month have come against a fluke loss to the Milwaukee Bucks and a loss to the Memphis Grizzles in a very close game that they only lost by two points.The Bulls know who they are as a team.  They have a click and cohesiveness that is only seen among the best teams in the NBA.  The Bulls have had all this success without a key component of their team, Derrick Rose.

Rose has been out with a torn ACL.  Rumor has it that he will be returning to the court sometime after the All-Star Break.  When Rose returns to Chicago this team will only get better.  Their 12-11 home court win-loss record will get better, and they will be a true force to be reckoned with, mentioned in the same breath as the Oklahoma City Thunder and Miami Heat.

The Bulls currently have 16/1 odds to win the NBA Championship over at Bovada.  I imagine these odds will only improve upon the return of Rose.

Keep your eye on the Chicago Bulls.

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