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NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Believes LaVar Ball Will ‘Settle Down’ After Lonzo Ball Is Drafted

Ever since LaVar Ball, the father of UCLA star Lonzo Ball, burst onto the scene a few months ago, the controversial owner of the Big Baller Brand has been in the headlines on a daily basis for a number of different reasons. Ball is media gold with every word out of his mouth being controversial and bound to ruffle feathers.

Although LaVar has already rubbed a lot of people the wrong way with his promotional antics, Lonzo’s draft stock has not been impacted in any way. The consensus remains that Ball will be taken with the No. 2 pick owned by the Los Angeles Lakers and the hometown hero will stay in the City of Angels as a result.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver was recently asked about LaVar and he believes the outspoken father of Lonzo will start to calm down once his son is drafted on June 22, via ESPN:

“I think here, if I were an NBA team looking at Lonzo Ball, I’m not sure how much consideration I would give to his father. I think ultimately the issue is, how much game does Lonzo have, how great a player can he be.

“I think his dad will invariably settle down once his son is drafted and a team has the appropriate discussions with him. So I’m not concerned about that,” Silver said.

If everything goes LaVar’s way, the Lakers will take his son Lonzo at No. 2, and the marketing campaign of the Big Baller Brand will continue through the play of 19-year-old. Lonzo is expected to be an impactful player right out of the gate for the team that ends up taking him next month and could very well be the starting point guard for the Lakers to begin his NBA career.

Although Silver does believe LaVar will start to take a backseat once his son’s future is secure, it remains to be seen whether he’ll do so. One thing is for sure, however, it will be an entertaining ride regardless.

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