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NBA Draft: Collin Sexton – One to Watch

19 year old point guard Collin Sexton aims to be drafted by a good team in the upcoming NBA Draft.

After that, all he wants is a strong and injury free career. The Alabama freshman appears to have a strong head on his shoulder. He will need it, as he’s opted to take the fast lane.


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One year ago, Collin Sexton was fresh out of Pebblebrook High School in Mableton, Georgia. He has joined the NBA Draft after just one year with the Alamaba Crimson Tide.

Alabama hasn’t had a player drafted into the NBA in the last decade. He’s only the second Crimson Tide freshman to do so, the first since the one-and-done rule was installed in 2006


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Such ambition from a freshman might indicate a desire for stardom and notoriety. However, what Collin Sexton wants from his NBA career is much more simple.

“And to just be happy,” he said.  “Because that’s the main thing. Be happy with what you’re doing because now it’s a job. It’s something that’s going to feed your family. You have to take it seriously.”

Sexton feels that his one year in Alabama will be enough to stand him in good stead for the future.

“It was amazing,” Sexton said. “I learned a whole lot — good, bad, everything. I feel like just being there and being around the group of guys I was with, I connected pretty well and had a good season.”

Sexton has also received plaudits from his peers, who have nicknamed him “The Young Bull”.

“A guy who plays extremely hard, he’s an overall great competitor,” said Oklahoma’s Trae Young, the draft’s other top point guard prospect. “Whenever you’re a competitor like me, you like playing against people like that.”

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