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NBA Draft Lottery Odds

The draft is on May 16 and, for a moment, basketball bettors will ease off the playoffs and lay some money on the NBA Draft lottery odds.

The team with the worse record in the NBA, Brooklyn, will not have a first round selection as Boston will get that spot. This deal goes all the way back to 2013 as part of the Kevin Garnett/Paul Pierce. With that said, it is Boston that are favored to end up with the No.1 pick in the draft.

Favorites to go first in the draft are Washington’s Markelle Fultz and UCLA’s Lonzo Ball.

The Suns and Lakers could also realistically pull the top spot. Both teams finished at the bottom of the Pacific division and near the bottom of the entire NBA.

Check out the full odds below.

NBA Draft Lottery Odds: First Pick

Boston (via Brooklyn) 14/5
Phoenix 19/5
L.A. Lakers 5/1
Philadelphia 7/1
Orlando 10/1
Minnesota 17/1
New York 18/1
Sacramento 33/1
Dallas 55/1
Sacramento (via New Orleans) 85/1
Charlotte 120/1
Detroit 140/1
Denver 160/1
Miami 200/1

NBA Drat Lottery Odds: Top 3 Picks

Boston (via Brooklyn) 4/9
Phoenix 13/10
L.A. Lakers 11/10
Philadelphia 8/5
Orlando 23/10
Minnesota 9/4
New York 9/4
Sacramento 17/2
Dallas 15/1
Sacramento (via New Orleans) 22/1
Charlotte 30/1
Detroit 35/1
Denver 35/1
Miami 40/1

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