NBA Free Agency Update: ‘Melo Decision Expected, James Back To Cavs?

This year’s NBA free agency has been an absolute madhouse. It seems as though nothing we expected to happen is going to happen, in fact, what we least expected seems to be coming into fruition.

The only team in the NBA that seems to be making a real play for LeBron James is the Cleveland Cavaliers, who have not only cleared the cap space, but have also removed from their website Dan Gilbert’s infamous letter spurning James for his original move out of Cleveland.

In fact, all signs point to LeBron going to Cleveland, as opposed to returning to Miami, which were the favorites. However, it is interesting to note that the Cavs were the second most likely place for James to land, according to the original betting odds that were released.

The biggest surprise is Carmelo Anthony. It seemed all but a sure thing that ‘Melo would be going to the Windy City. It was a perfect fit for Anthony. It is now being reported that the Los Angeles Lakers are now the surprising lead contenders to scoop up the hot free agent.

‘Melo is expected to announce his decision today and while we wait the teams that seems to be left out in the cold by these two players are making moves.

The Miami Heat seems to be chasing every players who is not LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade.

Heat managements latest target is Marvin Williams. They traveled to Utah to try and sweep him off his feet.

Whether the Heat’s dealings are a sign of trying to rebuild, because they will be losing some or all of the Big 3 or if they are so confident that they are returning that they aren’t bothering is still a mystery.

The Chicago Bulls have made some small moves and have been discussing trades, but they had their heart set on Anthony and if he passes, and it seems he will, they will likely run with a roster very similar to what they already got.  With Rose returning and hopefully staying healthy, the Bulls do not need to do a whole lot to be considered contenders.

The Houston Rockets have made plays for both ‘Melo and James in their attempt to build their own Big 3.  The Rockets have made surprising moves in free agency for the last couple years, but it seems that this year may be a quiet for the Rockets.

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