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NBA MVP Odds Will Come Down To Playoff Wins

As we check in with the NBA MVP odds, they have taken a drastic shift unlike the never-changing NBA Championship odds.

Kawhi Leonard now sits as a favorite to win the NBA MVP odds. Leonard who is leading the San Antonio Spurs to being the only realistic contenders in the West other than the Golden State Warriors is now atop the NBA MVP odds.

The last time we checked in, it seemed the MVP season award was going to be a battle between the best three-point shooters in the the NBA James Harden and Russell Westbrook. However, it seems Lenoard has risen to the top stop.

With us at the beginning of the playoffs, playoff wins may translate into an MVP award for one player.

Rounding out the odds are LeBron James and the currently injured Kevin Durant. You can check out the full odds below.

  • Kawhi Lenoard -105
  • James Harden -110
  • Russell Westbrook +125
  • LeBron James +1100
  • Kevin Durant +1200
  • 100%