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NBA Offseason Odds: Kyrie,’Melo Odds

Just when it seemed the offseason was cooling down the NBA offseason odds have lit up with special bets on Kyrie Irving and Carmelo Anthony.

Irving has reportedly told management in Cleveland that he has no desire to continue playing with LeBron James and has asked to be traded. Where Irving lands is not known, even the odds has the field with decent numbers.

Another player rumored to asked to be traded is possibly-former New York mainstay Anthony. He is favored to land in Houston.

You can see the full offseason odds below pulled from BetOnline.

NBA Offseason Odds: Kyrie Irving

Cleveland Cavaliers 1/1
Field (any other team) 11/4
New York Knicks 4/1
San Antonio Spurs 10/1
Minnesota Timberwolves 16/1

NBA Offseason Odds: Carmelo Anthony

Houston Rockets 10/13
New York Knicks 11/4
Cleveland Cavaliers 6/1
Field (any other team) 12/1
Portland Trail Blazers 14/1

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