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NBA Playoffs: Bulls vs Nets Game 1 Preview

It is finally time for the NBA Playoffs.  Game 1 of the first round is taking place this weekend and we are ready for some great basketball.

The Chicago Bulls will take on the Brooklyn Nets in one of the first round games today and it is an intriguing match up.  Despite being looked at as the underdogs, the Bulls are the real deal and we have that lingering question in the back of our mind if Derrick Rose make an appearance at some point in the Playoffs.  On the other end of the court is the Brooklyn Nets who closed out their season on a winning note.

When the entire Bulls squad steps up they are as good as any other team in the NBA.  Unfortunately they are inconsistent and a look at their 5-5 on their last ten record that closed out their season illiterates said inconsistency.  Add on top of that that Joakim Noah has been battling and playing with a foot injury for the last month and D-Rose has been confirmed not to be playing in Game 1 at lest.  In other words, the Bulls odds are not that good.  Even if they step up and make it past the Nets, most do not expect them to get past the monsters that are the Miami Heat in the second round.  Again, when all the Bulls squad plays top notch they can beat anyone.  Will they be playing top notch is the question.

The Nets, on the other hand, closed out their season on a positive note.  They won their last two games and went 7-3 on their last ten.  However, many are quick to point out that most of their wins that got them into the No.4 seed was the result of an easy schedule where they plowed through bottom of the barrel teams.  The Nets have a notable weak defense and when they fall behind in games they tend to stay behind.  The Bulls do not usually struggle on offense which could spell trouble for the Nets.

With home courts advantage, the point spread favors the Nets at -4.5 points.  The money line to bet on the Net is at -210.  To bet on the Bulls the money line is at +175.

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