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NBA Rumors: Dwight Howard’s Trade Value Has Plummeted

Dwight Howard’s fall from grace in the NBA continues. The veteran center that was once considered the best player at his position in the league and now is a talented aging player with baggage.

Howard is reportedly unhappy about his role and lack of playing time with the Atlanta Hawks. Although this would’ve been a major concern for a team five years ago when he was arguably in his prime, Howard is now looked at more as a problem for a team than an advantage.

Unfortunately for the Hawks, Howard’s trade value has plummeted. Atlanta would be lucky to get a second-round draft pick in exchange for the eight-time All-Star, according to ESPN’s Kevin Arnovitz:

With Dwight simply not worth the hassle anymore and under contract for another two seasons at a premium, the team could explore trade options, especially if they’re determined to keep Paul Millsap and feel as if the two can’t coexist in the frontcourt.

Howard will make $23.5 million next season and $23.8 million for the 2018-19 campaign. He is currently the highest-paid player on the team ahead of Millsap who has a player option on his deal for next season at $21.4 million.

The Hawks brass has repeatedly said they want to keep Millsap long-term and could put all their energy into doing so this summer while potentially looking to move Howard.

If Dwight does get traded, the veteran center will have played for five different teams in seven seasons. Obviously, not a good look for a player who believes he’s still relevant and a star player in this league.

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