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NBA Rumors: Dwyane Wade Expected To Opt In To Contract With Bulls

The Chicago Bulls are a franchise with an uncertain future ahead. The team has a franchise player in Jimmy Butler to build around along with former NBA champions in Rajon Rondo and Dwyane Wade to help the team take the next step.

Although the Bulls are a talented team with proven veterans, Chicago is still considered to be nothing more than a playoff team in the Eastern Conference with little chance to dethrone LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers. That being said, Wade exploring other options to win another championship before his career is over would be a logical move, but he’d also leave $23.8 million on the table.

Wade leaving all that money on the table, which he won’t get anywhere else, may not happen, via K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune:

Well, it’s $23.8 million, as mentioned above. But you’re on it. And all I can tell you is most everyone associated with the Bulls believes Wade will pick up the option and remain in Chicago for a second season. More surprising things have happened in league history, though. So stay tuned. Wade’s player option decision is due by June 27 according to The Vertical’s Bobby Marks. Most previous reporting pegged it to June 30.

Despite the enormous amount of money Wade will be paid to opt into his contract with the Bulls for next season, nothing is set in stone. The veteran guard could easily get an offer from a contender like the Cavaliers to play a role and take the chance to win a fourth NBA title, but then again he may be content with sitting on a pile of cash while remaining a playoff contender with a significant role in Chicago.

Wade’s future and that of a lot of his teammates remain to be seen. NBA free agency will get underway on July 1. By then, Wade will have made his decision.

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