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NBA Title Futures: Why They Look The Same

Normally the NBA title futures, and future odds in general, are all over the place. However, this NBA season has seen the most consistent future odds in recent memory.

Still at the top of the pack and way ahead of the field are the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavs.

The Warriors remain favorites with -130 odds to win the championship. Despite a minor setback with Durant injured for at least a month, Golden States overall NBA title futures number has not been damaged.

Cleveland sits behind the Warriors, where they have been all season and preseason, with a +260 moneyline.

One other team sit behind those two powerhouses, yet still way ahead of the rest of the field and that is the San Antonio Spurs. They have a +700 moneyline.

The Spurs have been labeled as the only team in the league that could spoil a third consecutive year of a Warriors-Cavs NBA finals showdown. It is that sort of speculation though that leads to big upsets come playoff time.

The rest of the field does not even come close. The Houston Rockets, the team with the fourth best odds at an NBA Championship, sit with a +1400 moneyline. The lines only get higher from there with darkhorse teams like the Toronto Raptors and Boston Celtics following close behind Houston.

You can check out the full future odds below.


Odds pulled from Bovada.


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