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NBA Western Conference Friday Preview

Houston Rockets versus Boston Celtics

The Houston Rockets are trying to establish themselves as legit contenders for an NBA Championship run.  One thing that will go a long way will be a win against the Boston Celtics.  While the Celtics find themselves in a similar struggle to the Rockets, they still are a dynasty and any team that knocks off the Celtics at home gets a huge boost in momentum.

The Rockets are the under dogs with a +2.5 point spread.  The money line to bet on the Rockets is at +120.  To bet on the Celtics the money line is -140.

San Antonio Spurs versus Memphis Grizzles

One of the most interesting games of Friday night is the third best team in the Western Conference taking on the fourth best team in the Western Conference.  The San Antonio Spurs have the third best record in the Western Conference but they are going to have their hands full playing the Memphis Grizzles at home.  The Grizzles are 13-4 at home and are currently ridding high on a three game win streak.

The point spread sits at 2 points favoring the Grizzles.  The money line to bet on the Grizzles is -130 compared to +110 to bet on the Spurs.

Oklahoma City Thunder versus Los Angeles Lakers

The LA Lakers are struggling.  They have had a tough schedule over the last few days taking on the Spurs and the LA Clippers.  They have lost their last five games.  Things are not getting easier for the Lakers, unfortunately for the gold and purple as they now have to take on the team with the second best record in the Western Conference in the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Lakers are, at the least, playing this game at home where they have a winning 10-8 record.  The Thunder are 9-5 on the road, a pretty impressive away record.  As of this writing both Bovada and BetOnlin.Com have yet to release the odds for this game.  Keep your eyes here and we will get the odds ASAP.  I would imagine, though, that Lakers odds of winning this one are not that high.

Portland Trail Blazers versus Golden State Warriors

This is going to be an interesting game.  Not only are these two teams among the best in the Western Conference, but they are also the two teams that have surprised a lot of people this year.  The Trail Blazers are coming into this game red hot.  They have won their last four games.  The Warriors have lost their last two games and will be looking to get things going back in their direction with a win against the Blazers.

The Warriors are the overwhelming favorites to win with a -7 point spread.  The Blazer money line is at +260.  The Warriors money line is at -310.

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