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NBA Win Totals: Some Ready To Cash In

Way back at the beginning of the season we posted the NBA win totals. Now some teams are coming in on the OVER or UNDER with some teams still on the cusp.

The 82-game regular season ends on Wednesday April 12 but some already cashing in on their total bets.

Thus far, 12 teams have hit their OVER or UNDER marks. There are five other teams on the edge of hitting their totals with just a little under a month of the season left.

You can check out the winners thus far below.

NBA Win Totals

Over Houston Rockets (44)
Over Miami Heat (34.5)
Over Milwaukee Bucks (35.5)
Over Philadelphia 76ers (25.5)
Over Washington Wizards (43)

Under Boston Celtics (52.5)
Under Detroit Pistons (45)
Under Los Angeles Clippers (54)
Under Minnesota Timberwolves (41)
Under New York Knicks (40.5)
Under Orlando Magic (36.5)
Under Portland Trail Blazers (45.5)

In addition there are a handful of teams close to hitting their mark. Below are the teams on the cusp.

NBA Win Totals on the Cusp

Under Indiana Pacers (45)

Over Denver Nuggets (36.5)
Over Memphis Grizzlies (43.5)
Over San Antonio Spurs (57.5)
Over Utah Jazz (47.5)

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