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NBA Yet To Find Solution For Eight Eliminated Teams

The NBA, at least most of it, will resume play on July 31 in a quarantined Orlando Disney World facility.

The 22 teams with the best records will convene in Florida to play out eight regular season games. Those games are effectively play-in games, after which the traditional playoff format will come into effect.

The league has worked hard to have the ability to complete the season after it was suspended on March 11. However, it’s an imperfect solution that’s not without its problems.

Specifically, eight immediate problems in the shape of the team’s who didn’t make the cut for the restarted season. For those teams, it means are 9 month break between when they last played and the start of next season.


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The Warriors, Timberwolves, Cavaliers, Hawks, Pistons, Knicks, Bulls and Hornets are the teams who won’t be in Orlando. The New York Post reports that the NBA is working on solutions to tide those teams over until next season.

“The eight teams who are not playing need parameters and guidelines for offseason work,” a league official told the Post. 

“The hope is to get clarity at some point soon so these teams can start organizing and planning their offseasons.”

Front offices have already submitted four suggestions for the league’s consideration: 


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  • A combination of voluntary and mandatory workouts for two weeks in July.
  • Regional minicamps in August that include joint practices for a period of days and approximately three televised games.
  • Organized team activities (OTAs) for mid-September.
  • Teams want an opportunity for training camps to start seven to 10 days earlier for the 2020-21 season for those teams left out of Orlando.

Hopefully a workable solution can be found, so that the 8 forgotten teams do not stay forgotten for next season.

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