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3 things to know this NBA preseason

While the regular season for the NBA hasn’t begun yet, there are a lot of things that you must know before the first tip off

  1. Concerns of Injuries

Some athletes and advocates of the NBA believe that the 82-game season is too long, with concerns that injuries end up having long-term damage on the athletes career when they struggle back too soon. Between the preseason, regular season and the ability to compete on world-levels beyond the NBA, NBA players are playing much more than their bodies can take. With the lack of a true offseason because of all of the other opportunities that star professional basketball players get, it is hard to absorb the true relaxation and downtime that their bodies need to operate at full capacity.

  1. Rookie Standouts

Jabari Parker and Shabazz Napier are just two of the many rookies who have impressed so far in the preseason. Parker of the Milwaukee Bucks, is averaging 15 points in five games in preseason and making clutch plays. Shabazz Napier was picked up by the Heat because he was able to impress the King himself. Of course, Lebron is back in Cleveland but Napier has lived up to most of the hype with an average of 12.7 points a game in the first two games and has been able to score double figures in the past four games. While there are plenty of other rookies that have made waves so far, these two have promising futures ahead of them.

  1. Power Rankings

Another mention of Lebron but it is hard to not have a preseason chat without debating if Lebron’s move to Cleveland will pay off. Only time will tell but the preseason power rankings so far have the San Antonio Spurs, defending champions, ahead of the rest. The Cavaliers are coming in at the number two spot in preseason rankings because of both the strength of their roster and the talent that lies within Lebron James. The Chicago Bulls and LA Clippers are two more teams that sit in the top team rankings for their respective conferences.

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