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Cavs’ Kevin Love will not ‘ask to be traded’ before the NBA trade deadline

Things aren’t going so well for the Cleveland Cavaliers during the 2017-18 NBA season. The once-dominant force in the Eastern Conference is starting to show cracks in the armor with the Boston Celtics taking full advantage at the halfway point of the season.

With the Cavs seemingly not the same championship-caliber team at this point, the rumors have been running rampant in Cleveland a potential shakeup of the roster before the NBA trade deadline. Every time trade rumors start to swirl Kevin Love’s name frequently appears in proposed deals and with things falling apart, this time around some believe he might welcome a trade, but that’s not the case, via The Athletic’s Jason Lloyd.

In Love’s mind, regardless of how bad it looks right now, he absolutely believes this Cavaliers team can still win another championship in June – and there aren’t many teams that can realistically think that way. That’s why he hasn’t and won’t go to management or ownership and ask to be traded between now and the Feb. 8 deadline, Love told The Athletic.

The Cavs have won three of their last 10 games and is appears LeBron’s squad which was retooled after the Kyrie Irving is losing hope of winning another championship. Despite the additions of Isaiah Thomas and Dwyane Wade, the Cavs can’t seem to resemble the team of old leading to a lot of speculation that deals are coming.

Unfortunately for Love, he doesn’t control his fate in Cleveland and could be a casualty of the team’s disappointing stretch this season. Love remains one of the most attractive trade pieces if not the most at this point and Cleveland is almost certainly fielding calls ahead of the NBA trade deadline on Feb. 8.

If the Cavs don’t get a significant haul or a star player in return for any deal made before the deadline, the odds of them making it to the NBA Finals for a fourth straight year may not be as favorable.

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