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Chemistry to Blame for Cavs 1-3 Start?

The Cavaliers have received the notion from Vegas that all bets are on them to win the Championship this year. With Lebron back in Cleveland and other key players like Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, it’s easy to see that the trio with their other teammates have that necessary talent. However, starting off the season 1-3 like the Cavs have done is definitely not the way to make it to the Championship.

Tuesday night the Cavaliers lost by 19 points to the Portland Trailblazers. James only scored 11 points and none of those points were in the second half. The Cavaliers also lost Wednesday night to the Utah Jazz in the final seconds of the game.

What is causing the team to have this less-than-awesome start?

Well, if you ask Lebron, he told the media that there have been a lot of bad habits that have developed in Cleveland over the past few years. Which could also be read as: wow, this team needed me back, bad.

Additionally, the Cavs tied a franchise-record low in the loss against that Jazz, with six assists, four of them from James. Six assists. That means no one is passing and setting up quality plays. The gelling that is supposed to happen isn’t taking place – people are holding the ball and not creating opportunity for quality plays to develop.

Lebron even talked with Irving about the way that he has been dominating the ball. Irving has only 3.8 assists through this whole season so far. In the loss against the Jazz, Irving had 45 minutes of play and no assists. Irving is supposed to be running the Cavs offense.

A team that can’t work together is definitely not going to make it to the Championship this year. They have to help each other, read plays and make the calls to win.


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