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Clippers’ Paul George opens up as the playoffs get underway

The LA Clippers’ playoff collapse last year caught criticism.

Much of which centered on star forward Paul George’s lackluster performance. George struggled to find his footing while he voiced issues with his mental space playing in the NBA Bubble in Orlando.

As the Clippers embark on another postseason push, the 31-year-old expressed that he’s in a much better spot mentally this time around, according to ESPN.


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“Well I think this year it’s been easier because I have outlets,” George said. “You know, I’m able to live a normal life. I can go home, I can see my family, I can spend time with my family, I can interact with other people outside of this team. And so that alone has just been a big difference to be back to some normalcy.

“It’s a big difference from the bubble life to where I’m at now from a headspace standpoint.”

The Bubble situation was extremely restrictive as players couldn’t venture out of the designated area. It began with no physical visitation or interactions with anybody that didn’t travel to the bubble.


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Things opened up as the playoffs progressed, with a few family members allowed to join the area. The entire experienced weighed on players mentally, as George expressed that he was a dark space due to the restrictive nature of playing in the Orlando Bubble.

He and the Clippers will venture through a different setting this time around with more freedom to operate off the court. Nonetheless, it all boils down to their on-court performance.

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