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Damian Lillard claims he’s ‘not leaving’ Blazers, at least ‘not right now’

Since the Portland Trail Blazers suffered their fourth first-round playoff exit in the last five years, his future with the franchise remains a prominent talking point.

Lillard continues to shoot down the notion that he isn’t looking to leave the Blazers this offseason, but that hasn’t diminished the chatter. The star point guard added another wrinkle to the situation as he voiced during an Instagram Live on Tuesday night that he isn’t leaving the team right now.


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“I’m not leaving PDX,” Lillard said via Oregon Live. “Not right now at least.”

Lillard’s words are not the most comforting for Blazers fans to hear as it doesn’t close the door on the chatter. The 31-year-old’s heart remains with the Blazers and the city of Portland, but it’s the team’s success that will dictate if he will stay for the long haul.

Lillard hasn’t voiced to the organization that he wants to leave, but that could change if the Blazers continue to fall short in the playoffs. He has expressed that winning a championship won’t define his legacy, but it changes the discussion if the team isn’t building a championship contender around him.


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The ball is in the Blazers’ hands to construct a team that can compete for an NBA title, especially with Lillard in the prime. The pressure is on to get the most out of the star guard’s time as he still strongly wants to play his entire career in Portland.

Time will tell what unfolds as Lillard holds the key to the franchise’s future.

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