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Heat Wins Again in Orlando 108-94

LeBron_WebThe Miami Heat has won 27 in a row after beating the Orlando Magic 108-94 on Monday night.  Miami now has six games left to tie the Los Angeles Lakers 33 game win streak from 1972. Here is the upcoming schedule for the Heat

March 27 @ Chicago Bulls

March 29 @ New Orleans Hornets

March 31 @ San Antonio Spurs

April 2 vs New York Knicks

April 5 @ Charlotte Hornets

April 6 vs Philadelphia 76ers

Should the Heat still have the streak going after that point, then they have this schedule coming up:

April 9 vs Milwaukee Bucks

April 10 @Washington Wizards

April 12 vs Boston Celtics

Obviously, the game the Heat would be most likely lose would be the game at San Antonio on the 31st. The Spurs are the top seeded team in the West. The Spurs are 53-17. They are 30-4 on their home floor. If the Heat lose before getting to 33 in a row, it is likely to be there. Let’s look at the other games though.

Chicago is 38-31 and is 19-16 at home. The Bulls are actually no better at home then they are on the road. Still, the Bulls are a pretty good team and could beat the Heat, especially if Dwayne Wade doesn’t play. He has missed the last two games.

The Hornets just stopped the Denver Nuggets 15 game winning streak last night in New Orleans. The Hornets are 15-21 on their home floor.

The Knicks are certainly a possible loss now that Carmelo Anthony has returned. They will face New York right after the Spurs game, so if the Heat beats the Spurs and thinks they can breathe a sigh of relief, they might get caught by surprise in this one. New York has already beaten Miami twice this year.

If they get by those four, then beating the Bobcats and Sixers should not be too difficult, other than the fact that they will have some intense pressure to win in those games.

The Milwaukee Bucks would be the record breaking win. The Bucks have a respectable 16-18 road record which by NBA standards is pretty good. That is a game the Heat will need to take seriously. With a record breaking win at stake, that should not be a problem.

So the likeliest losses on the schedule for Miami are the Bulls, Spurs, and Knicks games. Should Miami get by those, then the record will be theirs. How far can it go after that?

Watch out for the Wizards game. This team is a lot tougher with John Wall back and the Heat is likely to let down a bit after breaking the record. The Wizards could be a good bet on that night.


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