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Kevin Durant believes Warriors will be fine after Draymond Green incident

The situation around Golden State Warriors regarding Draymond Green punching teammate Jordan Poole has remained the center of attention.

It was a matter of time before the conversation would make it’s way toward Brooklyn Nets star forward Kevin Durant being asked about the matter.

Durant previously had a notable incident with Green that saw the two go through a verbal spat late in a game against the LA Clippers that led to internal conflict between the two. In some ways, the matter contributed to the star forward’s departure from the Warriors in free agency in July 2019.


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Durant voiced that there isn’t any similarity between his situation and the current Green-Poole incident.

“That’s not the same situation,” Durant told ESPN. “Somebody got punched in the face … It’s no comparison to that. It was just some words that being — I heard people say that that happens a lot in the NBA. I had never seen nothing like that before. But what me and Draymond did a few years back, that s— happens all the time. So it’s easy to get through something like that, but I don’t know what this situation is like.”

Although there is much publicity and scrutiny that is comparable to Durant’s situation, there was no physical altercation. Green’s behavior in each incident differs, but it could result in some significant change after the 2022-23 campaign that could impact his and Poole’s future in Golden State.

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Time will tell what will unfold as there remains some underlying friction with the Warriors.

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