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Klay Thompson continues to drop hints he’s leaving the Warriors

Former All-Star guard Klay Thompson created a bit of a stir over social media as it became known that he unfollowed the Golden State Warriors on Instagram.

This revelation, combined with the discovery that he follows Orlando Magic All-Star Paolo Banchero, brought plenty of noise and speculation concerning his upcoming free agency. Former Memphis Grizzlies forward Chandler Parsons, during the latest episode of FanDuelTV’s Run it Back show, underlined the oddness of Thompson’s recent social media decisions.

“As stupid as this whole topic is and how crazy social media is, and I hate it, this is definitely something,” Parsons said via Sports Illustrated. “You don’t just unfollow your team, you don’t just accidentally do it, you weren’t hacked… There’s something here. I definitely think that he’s up to something. You don’t just unfollow the Warriors and follow Paolo – the best player on the team that there’s rumors you’re going to go to and get a big offer from this summer.”

Although many could see it as him making a simple decision over social media, it’s hard not to discuss his future in Golden State, especially with him heading into free agency.

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Reports indicate that Thompson will listen to offers from other teams around the league. Meanwhile, he is eyeing a three-year deal with his next contract.

As much as there is growing chatter that he could leave elsewhere until it happens the Warriors remain well in the picture to keep him in tow.

Time will tell what lies ahead with Thompson’s future with Golden State.

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