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NBA West – Clippers Should Dominate

The Western Conference of the NBA is stacked with talented teams. To come out on top of the west, that team will have a great shot at taking home the title this year. With Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and the rest of the team being lead by the great Doc Rivers, the Clippers are definitely going to be a team to beat in the West. Key new members of the Clippers include Spencer Hawes and Jordan Farmar.

Where the team could run into issues:

Chris Paul hasn’t played a full season – ever. He is injury prone and in order to remain the key contributor that he is to the Clippers, he has to stay healthy. He has missed an average of 16 games in the past two years. Paul leads the NBA in assists and steals per game, three years for both and including last season.

Griffin has to continue to improve:

Griffin has to continue to improve to remain competitive from a “best-ever” standpoint against others in the league such as Lebron. Griffin has improved year after year and it does make a difference for the Clippers but he has to keep working hard to help his team meet that goal of NBA champions. This will definitely be easier when he has his leading point guard, Paul, healthy throughout the season.

Potential Challengers:

Oklahoma City and Kevin Durant are definitely going to be the biggest challengers for the Clippers, the only downfall right now is that Durant is out until December. However, if the Thunder are able to win games without their key player, they will be even more dominant when Durant is back and healthy. Durant has been the best player in the West for the past two years and having him healthy is a big threat to the Clippers hopes of winning the title.

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